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Tullamore, Co.Offaly, R35NY60


Timber Windows

The joinery components are made from wood laminated in three or four layers with backward placed graining and the layers are connected together by tenons or micro-dovetails – the connection depends on application of certain components, which results in very stable and resistant to weather conditions structure, which eliminates warping and twisting of components. Besides its functionality wood is also characterised by beauty, aesthetics and unique climate which it causes at every person that is surrounded by wood. The wooden windows have very long tradition, nothing strange – at least they are made from the oldest building material in the world – the wood.

The windows are very important component in the houses and apartments construction – they are architectural part of the facade as well as part of the building interior finish. Thanks to its colour, structure and function wood is an ideal building material that saves energy and natural environment.‚Äč