Tanyard Industrial Estate ,
Tullamore, Co.Offaly, R35NY60


Our History

The Dunne History Dunnes Workshop was started by Charles Dunne in 1903. He was a very innovative man using a steam engine to drive his sawmill, known as a journeyman/tradesman he also was a wheelwright – he made wheels and carts for the local farmers In 1942 Charles died tragically leaving his son Joe and Charles’s wife Annie to run the business with the help of Charles Harte, they worked diligently to keep the tradition going through very tough times. In 1959 a new chapter in the history of Dunnes Workshop began when Joe married his young bride Anne. Again times were very tough, Joe and Anne struggled to keep the business going in the 60’s but through hard work and determination they built the business up to a staff of over 40 in the 1980’s, it was then they were joined by their children Paul, Norah and Ian. In 2014 another new chapter in the Dunne’s history, after the sad passing of Joe Dunne the company was divided into two sections Ian has continued to manufacture Stairs, Internal door kits and External Windows and Doors. We here at Dunne Eco Really feel passionate about the Energy efficiency of our windows and Doors. That is why we aim to achieve passive standard windows and doors But we have not forgotten our tradition of making stairs and Internal doors.