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Our windows perfectly match other windows of both modern and traditional designs. Our extensive assortment of products enables everybody to find an ideal solution for every home. Our woodgrain veneers enable us to create products perfectly imitating wooden joinery. As a result, adjusting window appearance to a building façade poses no problems for us.

Energy efficiency
Our care for the natural environment is expressed not only by using recycled profiles, but also by employing energy-efficient solutions. In combination with correct glazing, profiles featuring high thermal insulation parameters enable us to offer you
a perfect product for energy-efficient
or even passive buildings.
Aluplast is a company responsible for the environment and it is committed to protecting it together with its business partners.
The quality of Aluplast profiles is extraordinary. Their durability is also a contribution
to environmental protection. This results from the fact that it is not necessary to replace them for a very long time.

energy windows

Profiles used to manufacture our windows are provided by Aluplast, one of our leading suppliers. The company is involved in the VINYL 2010 project aimed at recycling the maximum amounts of materials used to manufacture PVC profiles. Thus we offer you an eco-friendly, recyclable product.
Aluplast profiles are partially manufactured from recycled materials. Recycled and brand new materials are combined using a special press. PVC profiles based on recycled materials have the same appearance and quality as other elements. Their surfaces are perfect, without any dents or scratches. Aluplast profiles
are classified as A+ and conform to the
Green Book of the English Building Research Establishment.

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